First order of business: Think about what having a coordinator means to you.  


Do you have all your vendors booked but also envision having someone take over vendor communication for you?  And someone you can text or call when you have a question about all things wedding?  When should we get our licenseHow many guests will fit at a 60" tableRSVP was 3 weeks ago - Aunt Jenny is asking if she can bring her 5 stepkids!! 

It's totally OK to have questions and want direction. You deserve to feel confident going into your big day!  Check out the Infinity Package 

Or are all your vendors booked, your excel spreadsheets up to date, your folders color-coded, your vendor emails automatically sorted, and you know all that's left is to enjoy the last few months of engagement bliss?  All smart brides know that wtih all the planning and thinking they've done, they don't want to work on their wedding day.  (that's just crazy talk).  Check out the Milestones Package.   

And honestly, you're all fantastic!  Each bride and couple has a style that's all their own and every couple brings on a coordinator at different times in the planning process, and for different reasons.  Just remember; knowing what you want from your coordinator is just as important as knowing what meals you want to serve to your guests. 

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