The mission of Forever Events is to make it possible for you to live the moments of your wedding day.  Because these are the moments in which forever is made. 

Weddings are truly amazing events - just think about how long you've been planning this day!  {You're not alone, most couples spend 12-18 months planning their wedding}. 


I started Forever Events because I know how important it is to feel confident that everything you've envisioned for your wedding day goes just right.  Most weddings have a lot of moving parts; organization and timing are two of the most crucial elements in getting all of those parts to work together beautifully.  As a past bride (now joyful wife), I personally know that being organized and timely are not on the top of your list of things you want to to stress about on your day. 

So... I'm a list-maker, but I'm also a romantic.  I believe you should have the opportunity to be stupid-in-love on one of the best days of your life.  A lot of people may advise you that the day will go by in a flash so please, allow me the pleasure to be organized and timely on your behalf.  


You make the moments, and I'll make the lists.  

Wedding Coordinator, Event Executor, Right Hand Woman 👊

God, Family, Flowers, Sneakers ⚘

Real Events, Inspiration & [Re]Posts with a Purpose 

Forever Events by Shalamar is proud to support and encourage marriage equality for all committed in taking this journey. 

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